some things are better left unsent.

folder with ghost illustration

carrying the emotional baggage of 2020, a year of personal and global crises and tragedies, these are the 3am thoughts that nobody asked for, as told through an assortment of personal belongings. citing only “it seemed funny at the time” and “it’s a coping mechanism”, an angsty gen z’er laments in this collection of eight items presented with plenty of resentment and a hint of flippant whimsy.

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drafts folder

keep them in the drafts but you do you boo x

rose-tinted glasses with roses

wrong prescription

please book yourself another optometrist appointment asap

overflowing jar of stars

on standing up too fast

it's always jarring seeing a sea of stars

empty gift box with ghost

the gift that stopped giving

they said i was a gifted child but really i just peaked in year eight

ghost overlooking snail with yarn ball as shell

a trail of unfinished projects

the scarf i started knitting when i was eight will forever be “in progress”

disappearing pencils with ghost

trust issues

you treated my heart the way a primary schooler “borrows” a pencil

assortment of pins

career counselling

you backstabbing prick - have you looked into acupuncture?

tamagotchi with ghost


had i been a tamagotchi under your care, i’d have died of neglect

polaroid with eraser and ghost

regrettably, a program error

how do i delete these files from my memory they're still haunting me


prints are currently on display at third drawer down and are also available for purchase both in-store and online.

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victoria 3065

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maybe i'll ghost you, maybe i won't

frequently asked

w h y ?


who hurt you?

no comment.

are you,,, okay?

no but thank you for your concern

have you heard of capital letters?

hAvE yOu hEaRd oF cApiTaL leTteRs?

why would i pay money for this?

i dunno either tbh

ghost illustration